Name Description
curlWrapperTest Class curlWrapperTest EMPTY
genericTest No description available EMPTY
netWrapperTest Class netcurlTest Tests for entire netcurl package, via NetWrapper. EMPTY
rssWrapperTest No description available EMPTY
soapWrapperTest Class soapWrapperTest Tests for all special SoapClient-requests. EMPTY
sslWrapperTest Class sslWrapperTest Tests for the sslWrapper that is included via ConfigWrapper EMPTY
tlsSuiteTest Class curlWrapperTest EMPTY


Name Description
MODULE_CURL Class MODULE_CURL Passthrough client that v6.0 remember. EMPTY


Name Description
Browsers No description available EMPTY
GenericParser Class GenericParser A generic parser which is shared over many classes. EMPTY
NetUtils Class Network EMPTY


Name Description
authSource Class authSource EMPTY
authType Class authType Authentication methods (inherited from CURLAUTH constants). EMPTY
dataType Class dataType EMPTY
requestMethod Class requestMethod EMPTY


Name Description
WrapperConfig Class WrapperConfig Configuration handler. All wrapper services that needs shared configuration like credentials, SSL setup, etc. EMPTY
WrapperConstants Class WrapperConstants Internal constants requested by netcurl, if necessary. EMPTY
WrapperCurlOpt Class WrapperCurlOpt Protective layour for CURLOPT constants, in case they are not installed via curl. EMPTY
WrapperDriver Class WrapperDriver EMPTY
WrapperSSL Class SSL WrapperConfig for SSL related requests. Sets up stream contexts if necessary (for SOAP) and settings for curl, etc. EMPTY


Name Description
NetWrapper Class NetWrapper Taking over from v6.0 MODULE_CURL. EMPTY


Name Description
CurlWrapper Class CurlWrapper. EMPTY
RssWrapper Class RssWrapper EMPTY
SimpleStreamWrapper Class SimpleWrapper Fetching tool in the simplest form. Using file_get_contents. EMPTY
SoapClientWrapper Class SoapClientWrapper EMPTY